It’s almost that time of year again. Still a week away, but already on my mind.

This will sound odd, but Remembrance Day is one of my favourite holidays, events, ceremonies. As the proud daughter of a Canadian Air Force pilot, this day always holds special meaning for me. As soon as November arrives, I start hunting for my poppy so I can pin it to my lapel.

Remembrance Day makes me think of red construction paper poppies, glue, assemblies at school, and standing along the parade route. It is a tradition in my family, to stand along the parade route and clap as the vets walk by. What must they think and feel on that day each year? What memories, regrets, questions, victories, run through their minds as they walk between the crowds?

Each year I take the two minutes silence and remember. And give thanks to those who gave their lives. And send a wish to whoever is listening. A wish that this year’s vets are the last vets. That we all sleep in peace and awaken to forgiveness and compassion and hope.


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