The one I didn’t show

This weekend I worked on the second part of our collaborative culture workshop. I spent hours watching Ted talks, youtube clips, etc… trying to find a video (preferably with Chinese subtitles) that showed why it is so vital to develop this culture, i.e. how it will impact on student learning.

And I found this one. It really spoke to me. By creating a culture that values diversity and trust and respect, can we prevent bullying? Can we create a school where everyone feels they belong and are loved for who they really are and is free to be who they really are?

In the end, I did not use it. Perhaps it is too much emotional blackmail? And at this point, I don’t know all of the staff well enough to know if they’ve had a personal experience like this. But I think we should all watch it, regret the waste and mourn the loss. And then take action to prevent it.

Our kids are worth it.

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