Bad Parents

One of the challenges of living overseas is that sometimes your kids miss out on “normal” childhood experiences – and by normal, I mean normal to your culture.

Learning to ride a bike is one of these experiences. My kids spent lots of time on their trikes and red push cars, but the move to two wheelers has been long delayed.

Last weekend we went and bought the kids bikes. But they don’t make bikes sized for six year olds with training wheels. So we borrowed Lux’s bike and watched a great youtube video that shows how to teach your kid to ride in a day.

It was an intense day! The boys took turns going up and down the street, pushing, gliding and finally pedalling, but by dinner time, they were both able to get on the bike, put their feet on the pedals and take off!!

Here’s Ethan’s first attempt with pedals!

2 thoughts on “Bad Parents

  1. Bike riding is definitely a fundamental right of passage growing up in North American! Asia, I am not so certain? Indonesia, it’s probably when do they teach them to ride a scooter?

    I know a lot of singaporeans who do not know how to ride a bike. I have taught a lot of asian adults how to ride. And they all missed the course in how to ride in a “break neck” style. Man, we used to tear it up from the University area in Beijing down to McDonald’s in Wang Fu Jing in the early nineties. We say, Big Mac and then 40 minutes later we’d be eating one. I think 35 minutes down was the record.

    I think the important thing is that you got it done! I taught Alex about the same age. All the memories of my learning to ride down at my Grandmother’s house came rushing back.

    Great job and great post! -M

  2. I can’t see the attempt but I am so impressed that you dedicated a whole day to teaching the boys about bike riding, Lucky boys!! While they don’t get those “normal” experiences they do get a dedicated truly loving Mum and that goes a long way to balancing those books.

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