One of the things that makes living overseas more bearable is the ease of communicating with my family and friends. I can send pictures of my kids to my family, forward on comments from my kids teachers to their grandparents, and keep track of my friends through Facebook.

But is keeping track of these people the same as being their friend? Do we rely too heavily on these mediums to stay connected with the people we love? Can we have open, honest relationships when we cannot see their faces, hear their voices?

Is technology really bringing us together or is it fundamentally changing how we relate to others? Can this πŸ™‚ replace a real smile?

6 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. It won’t replace a smile but it’s waaaaay better than not. A skype smile I will take! Skyping with people from home allow me to feel like I am a part of my friendship circle. It helps me stay connected until I can see those people in real live life!

  2. Yes, agree. But I’m such a shy and not too social of a person so I thank GOD for this technology!!!! I can wear my pajamas in bed and catch up with friends without having to go out!

  3. Anything world wild in this world, requires effort. I see Facebook as the evolution of the “Holiday” Letter many of us used to received every year. This of course was the extension of the Christmas card because we all wanted to share a little more with those we were talking the time to take a card out, write something, address it, stamp it, and then drive it to the post office (where maybe you had to wait in line to buy stamps). You get the basics, stay informed about big events in family/friends lives and that’s all you probably need or want in your busy life.

    My point is, friendship, true friendship, requires more than perfunctory effort. Yes, technology makes it convenient, but we have to do more to stay close to the ones you love! I love posting from bed, but maybe every now and then, stop and think, hey, what can I do to make a little extra effort for one of my friends. Sure, true friends should not care, but that’s what makes life worth living, nice surprises!

    Blog on! -M

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