Collaborative Inquiry Concept Map

So this week we’ve been looking at collaborative inquiry as a way to solve issues around teaching and learning. This is a process I feel pretty comfortable with thanks to the awesome JWA staff who let me guinea pig on them.

One of our assignments this week was to create a concept map featuring the core concepts we’ve discussed, along with any of our previous understandings. It was an enjoyable and frustrating process. My schema popped a couple times as I was able to put pieces I’d encountered in different areas of my learning together – such as Elmore’s conditions for school improvement, collaborative inquiry, and Hattie’s contention that the quality of the teacher has the most significant impact on student learning. You can see the map here  and click on the comment boxes as I’ve added some explanations as to how the ideas are connected.

I’d love to hear any feedback you might have about it.screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-12-21-16-pm

My one big frustration was the tools. I couldn’t find any freeware that allowed me to label the branches. Popplet was very easy to use, but I wasted hours tyring to make it on Prezi first.

I was also inspired to try and merge Kath Murdoch’s inquiry cycle with the collaborative inquiry format we were introduced to.  I’m hoping this will help me frame our collaborative inquiries more effectively and help teachers make deeper connections between their own experiences of inquiry and what’s happening in their classrooms.




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