Engaging in a Self-Regulated Inquiry

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 16.57.15This is the first post for my personal inquiry into how I can improve my health by understanding how to consistently make good nutrition, exercise and wellness choices. 

I have divided this distal goal into a number of proximal goals. The first goal is to clarify for myself why I have chosen this goal. To do this, I engaged in two activities:

  1. Fear Setting: this activity comes from Tim Ferriss’s TED talk. It helped me realise that now is the time to pursue this goal.
  2. Created a concept map: I mapped out all that I think I currently know about achieving this goal, the challenges I foresee, the possible benefits of pursuing this distal goal, and ideas for further investigation. I have colour coded these initial thoughts in blue so I can see how my learning grows.

As this is a self-regulated inquiry, I am using this blog to document each week which self-regulation strategies I am using to help myself achieve this goal. The strategies I have used this week are:

  1. Setting a distal goal and 5 proximal goals. The proximal goals follow the stages of the inquiry cycle as I think this will be a useful way for me to approach this inquiry.
  2. Developing a self-monitoring device: Heidi’s Self-Monitoring Device.

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